Team Building – Terms & Conditions

Please make sure you’re happy with these terms and conditions before booking any Team building course.

  • We/I consent that each member of the group will bring with them waterproofs and Wellington boots.
  • We/I understand the nature of ‘A Touch of the Wild’ activities and are happy for members of the group to use hand tools, such as knives, saws and billhooks under the direct supervision of ATOTW Group Leaders.
  • In the case of an accident, we/I consent to administering First Aid to any group member.
    Note: All Leaders hold a valid First Aid certificate.
  • We/I give consent for ATOTW to use photos and/or video footage taken during the event to be used for publicity and marketing materials. We/I will notify ATOTW should any member of the group be exempt from this agreement.
  • We/I agree to the Terms & Conditions as stipulated on ‘A Touch of the Wild’ website, including the cancellation policy.