Wildlings Forest Kindergarten: FAQs

Registration Process

How do I register a place for my child?

You will need to complete an online registration form and send the £30 enrolment fee via BACS. For further information please see the Registration page.

How far in advance do I need to register?

Due to our setting we limit numbers to enable a low child to adult ratio, and therefore we suggest early registration to avoid disappointment. We do not require registrations by a set amount of time in advance. If we have spaces then your child can start as soon as we have the necessary information from you. If you are wanting to register for a start in a future term then you are very welcome to do so.

Can I visit Wildlings before registering my child?

Yes we offer the opportunity for you to visit the Kindergarten prior to registering your child.  It is a great opportunity to see the site, meet the team and ask lots of questions.  If you would like to arrange a visit please email info@atouchofthewild.co.uk.  Please note: for safeguarding reasons you must book a visit before arriving on site.

I would like to register my child for one day per week but then add another day if they settle well. Can I do this?

Yes, as long as we have space on the day that you want to add then you can increase their hours with us whenever you would like to.

Fees & Funding

Why do you charge an enrolment fee?

We charge a £30 enrolment fee per family as described on our registration page. This contributes towards the admin costs of registering a new child in the case that the child doesn’t take up their place or unregisters after a short period.

Do you accept Early Years Funding?

Yes, we accept Early Years Funding, including 15 hours for 3 & 4 year olds, 15 hours for eligible 2 year olds and the 30 hours extended entitlement for 3 & 4 year olds. You can use this to pay for all or part of the hours that your child has with us.

Can I pay by childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare account?

Yes, we accept both childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare account payments. Please let us know if you wish to pay your invoice by either of these methods, along with which childcare voucher provider you use (if wanting to pay by vouchers), and we will send you the relevant details for making the payment.

I am claiming Early Year Funding for my child’s place at Wildlings, will their place be completely free?

Early Years Funding doesn’t cover all aspects of the care and activities that we provide at Wildlings, so you will be charged the Outdoor Resource Fund element of the fee. A description of this element can be found on the Fees & Funding page.

My child is already attending another childcare setting, can they attend Wildlings as well?

Yes we are very happy to have children that attend us as well as another childcare setting.

My child attends another childcare setting and uses some of their Early Years Funding there, can we still claim funding for their hours at Wildlings?

Yes, as long as they do not go over their entitlement of 15 or 30 hours per week, then their funding can be split between us and another setting. We will need to know how many hours the other setting/s will be claiming for each term so that we do not overclaim their funding. You can enter this on your child’s registration form, but please keep us updated if anything changes.


Do you offer settling-in sessions for children?

We offer settling-in sessions for children to come and visit the site after they have been registered for a place. These sessions are 1 hour long and parents can either just drop off or settle their child in and then leave, to allow the child to get the feel of the setting.

Children are offered to start with one or two half days to help them settle in. If you think your child would benefit from this please discuss with the staff at the settling-in session, and let us know at info@atouchofthewild.co.uk before your first invoice is sent.

How do you share with parents/carers what children have been doing and the progress they are making?

We use an online journal called Tapestry to help us keep track of your child’s developments and so we can share their learning and activities with you. It provides a great opportunity for parents and carers to see photos of their child during their time with us, which is a great tool to help children recall and talk about their day.

We, like any other Ofsted register setting, follow the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework, (EYFS) and through tapestry we can link all the outcomes to your child’s achievements.

We are always available to talk to you at the end of the day, or a longer chat can be arranged. We provide regular reflections to update you on your child’s progress and time with us.

Preparing your child for school

How will wildlings prepare my child for school?

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework, (EYFS), like any other nursery that is registered with Ofsted. This framework is designed to ensure that all children are ready for school when they finish their reception year.

On top of this we make sure that children have plenty of practice in the characteristics of effective learning, listening skills and concentration. As well as giving them opportunity to problem solve, think critically, develop resilience, independence, expressing themselves and their thoughts and feelings, being mindful of others and a love for exploring and learning.

How will my child adjust to an indoor setting when they go to school?

As much as this depends on each individual child, we would like to reassure parents and carers that there is a lot of scientific evidence that for a child’s brain and body to be ready to sit, listen, read, write etc, it needs to master other physical and emotional skills first. The outdoor environment, activities and care provided at Wildings perfectly provides opportunities to master these skills, setting them up for success in their next stage.


Is there provision for my child to nap if they need to?

Children who need a nap are offered the choice of sleeping in our cosy shed – we have thick foam mats and sleeping bags to get snuggled up in – or they can sleep in a hammock with a sleeping bag. We usually place the hammock away from the main play areas so it’s a little quieter. We are adept at adjusting the structure of the day and building in quiet play or story time where children may need a rest.


What toileting provision do you have at Wildlings?

We promote independent toileting, however, we are very aware that a lot of layers of clothing and a composting toilet are not necessarily what a child is used to. We assist and help the child work towards independent self-care in this area, but the priorities are that they feel comfortable and safe. To make it easier, we have froggy potties, which are urinals, and a step and child seat for the toilet.

If your child is still in nappies, we are also set up for this and have lots of experience with toilet training when the time comes.

Reminders to go to the toilet and special attention where needed is part of our daily routine.

If you have other questions please get in touch with us at info@atouchofthewild.co.uk or on 07929 613284 and we will be happy to help.