Wildlings Forest Kindergarten: Fees & Funding

£40 per 6 hour session 9am – 3pm

Enrolment Fee

We charge a one-off enrolment fee of £30 per child. This secures your child’s place or, if a place is not currently available, a place on the waiting list.

The enrolment fee will be donated to the Kindergarten’s Outdoor Resource Fund, unless you request a refund. In which case, it will be deducted from the invoice after the child has completed a term at Wildlings Kindergarten.

No refund of the enrolment fee will be made should your child not attend the kindergarten. However, if we are unable to offer your child a space and you do not wish to keep them on the waiting list, then this fee will be refunded.

Government Funded Hours

The kindergarten is registered with Devon County Council to offer the Early Years Funding (EYF) to 3 and 4 year olds and eligible 2 year olds. We offer the government funded hours to parents who are entitled to it; all children aged 3-4 are eligible for government funding from the term after their third birthday. Funding is available for 38 weeks of the year (during term time) and cannot be used to pay for holiday club care. If you go over your total entitlement of 570 hours, the £40 per day rate will apply for any additional hours/days at the kindergarten. Please note that funded places will still be subject to the payment of the Outdoor Resource Fund, as described below.

We offer the full 15 or 30 hours per week and do not place any restrictions on when or how you can use the hours. You can either use all 15 or 30 hours with us or split them across other providers (with a limit of 3 providers at a time and no more than 2 in one day). If you are eligible for 30 hour funding please ensure that you have given us the code as soon as possible. If the 30 hour funding deadline is missed you will be charged for your child’s sessions. Please also remember to reconfirm your eligibility every 3 months otherwise your code will expire.

Outdoor Resource Fund

As per government and Devon County Council guidelines, Wildlings Forest Kindergarten charges for additional services that are beyond the standard day-care nursery or preschool provision. This is the Outdoor Resource Fund which enables us to provide high quality outdoor education for our children. Primarily, the Outdoor Resource Fund enables us to maintain high adult to child ratios necessary in an outdoor environment, provide qualified and experienced Forest School practitioners and pay for a licence to work in a private woodland site.

Because the government funding for 30 hours childcare we receive is differentiated by ages, this affects the difference in Outdoor Resource Fund amounts stated below.

The fee for children aged under 3 years is £40 per day. This includes a daily Outdoor Resource Fund payment of £8.44.

The fee for children aged 3 and above is £40 per day. This includes a daily Outdoor Resource Fund payment of £14.68.

If you wish to use EYF for your 3+ year old you will be invoiced for £14.68 per day towards the Outdoor Resource Fund. For those eligible for 2 year old EYF you will be invoiced for £8.44 per day.

To check funding eligibility, see www.childcarechoices.gov.uk .

Voucher Payments & Tax Free Childcare Allowance

We accept a variety of childcare vouchers. If paying by childcare vouchers, please contact us for the code needed for your provider. Please let us know when you have made payment and how much.

We also accept the tax free childcare allowance. All of the accounts are linked to the Ofsted registration number 2763963 and postcode EX7 0QE.