Try at home recipe…Apple Doughnuts

This week’s Wild Tots made Apple Doughnuts…. mmmmmmm! Give this recipe a go, and send in a photo for us to share on Facebook!


  • 240ml warm water
  • 80ml oil or melted fat
  • 420g plain flour
  • 2 tsp quick action yeast (if using another yeast, dissolve in the water add sugar leave to bubble before adding to flour)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 90g sugar (icing sugar works best)
  • 8-10 apples


  • Blend dry ingredients
  • Mix in wet ingredients, stir/ knead for 10-15 mins
  • Cover with greaseproof paper or a damp cloth
  • Prove overnight or for 2 hours (if you don’t have a warm place, create a bain marie by placing the bowl in a tray of hot water and cover all in a tea towel)
  • Add just enough warm water to the dough mix to allow it to stick to the apples. Keep it as thick as possible
  • Cover and put the dough back in a warm place for approx. 20 mins
  • Score and peel 8-10 apples, slice into thin rings (the peel can be cooked with any leftover dough). The children can peel the apples
  • Heat a generous covering of oil in a wide pan CAUTION the oil will spit and needs constant attention remove from heat if it begins to smoke KEEP KIDS WELL AWAY FROM THE PAN.
  • Dip each apple ring in a good coating of dough. The children can do this part. 
  • Carefully place the doughnuts in the oil, cook each side until golden.
  • Remove each cooked doughnut onto a cooling rack.
  • Dust with a little sugar or sugar and cinnamon and serve warm