“A day in the life of a Wild Tots leader….
When we first arrive at the woods in the morning everything is still and quiet, and then bit by bit children arrive with their adults and the camp fills with the sounds of children playing and exploring the activities on offer that day. During every session we have busy chefs at the mud kitchen creating all sorts of interesting recipes and there are always children digging in the mud somewhere and then loading it up in the wheelbarrows. Most sessions we offer a nature inspired craft that children can have a go at in between their busy play activities. There are so many places to explore and things to do from rolling around in the big net, swinging on a swing as high as the tree tops, building a den, jumping in puddles, or just relaxing and listening to to the birds whilst lying in a hammock. 
As the morning progresses tummies start to rumble, so we all join in together and help prepare a delicious snack to be cooked on the fire. Food always tastes better with the extra flavour of wood smoke and it is washed down with the very popular hot chocolate drink. We often sing a song whilst sat round the fire and then finish with our special goodbye song ‘Bread and Butter, Marmalade and Jam’. 
The morning flies by too quickly and before we know it it’s time to say goodbye. Then bit by bit the woods become quiet again as each child wonders back down the path out of the forest. As we tidy up from a busy morning of adventures we reflect on the fun that was had by the children and adults and all the different elements of learning that took place in so many different ways. Once the fire is out we head home ourselves and leave the woods in peace for a while, before another excited group of children turn up the next morning ready to do it all over again!”