One for the kids: Make your own bird feeder

We enjoyed making these bird feeders with wild Tots before Christmas and now it’s got much colder the birds need all the help they can get to fatten up ready for spring!

  • Carefully remove the core from the apple, preferably by using an apple corer. 

  • Push the sunflower seeds into the top half of the apple for the birds to eat.

  • Make perches for your birds by pushing one stick into either side of the apple, near the bottom. We poked a metal tent peg through first to make a hole.

  • Tie the string around the last stick and thread it through the core of the apple.

  • Once you have made your apple bird feeder, tie it onto the branch of a relatively sturdy tree in your garden or green space, and wait for the birds to descend!

Thanks to the RSPB for inspiration.