Through our eyes: Holiday Club from the leader’s perspective

“It’s always a real joy watching children play freely in the forest, but even better after Lockdown. Some wonderful friendships have been formed this year and each and every one of the children who’ve attended have really relished the time to hang out with other children.

Holiday Club is by far and away my favourite part of the year, with (I’m afraid to say it!) no parents to distract or guide us, we follow the children’s lead and spend lots of time exploring.

In the mornings we go on big adventures all over the woodland, splashing in streams, hiding in deep thickets and lighting the storm kettle for hot chocolate on the go!

This year, as we’ve had the same group for 3 days in a row, it has been even more special, allowing the children to create those special bonds and really relaxing into the woodland. Spending lots of time just being in the woods, with our afternoons hanging out in the hammocks, pottering about building dens, cooking or creating potions in the mud kitchen.

Often on my drive home I think how lucky we are to spend the whole day outside; you really notice when you go inside a building. Our parachute is our shelter and the centre of our home in the woods, that’s all the building we need!”

I look forward to many other happy faces joining us around the campfire next time. See you in the woods soon, Hannah x